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Try an Ioniser for One Month

Let Your Team Try an Ioniser for One Month FREE!

If you are responsible for a team of 10 or more people in your organization, you could make a big difference to their well-being by providing an ioniser for their use. We can supply a Kangen Water™ ioniser for free for a one month period so you can see for yourselves the benefits ionised water brings. For those trying to squeeze the best performance from your team, giving them Kangen Water™ to drink will provide them with fewer health issues, reducing your sick pay bills, more energy so they get more done, and because they will feel better and more able, they will be able to focus better and enjoy improved brain chemistry. We are confident that your team will not want to let you take the machine away afterwards and that neither will you as their leader!

We do get a lot of enquiries and our demonstration machines are in demand so there may be a short waiting list, so if you have a team of 10+ people, book your free one month trial of a Kangen Water™ machine today.

Create a super-team - Try a Kangen Water™ machine free for a month! - contact us