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Try Kangen Water for One Month FREE!

Free One Month Trial of Kangen Water™!

The best way for you to experience the fantastic improvements that drinking ionised water offers is to try it yourself. Understandably you may not want to splash out (excuse the pun!) on a Kangen Water™ machine without trying the water it processes. To enable you to find out for yourself, we offer a one month free supply of Kangen Water™, produced by my Kangen Water™ machine here at our London WC2 therapy centre. All you have to do is bring containers to store the water in and we will fill them fresh from our machine. Our massage therapy centre uses a Kangen Water™ machine every day to hydrate clients. The water has to be used within 48 hours after which time the ionisation is depleted in the water. What we recommend is that you bring up to 5 -1 liter bottels, we will fill them and you can come back and get a refill whenever we are open (most days).

In order to make the most of your free one month supply of Kangen Water™, we recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for at least a few weeks. If you can keep it up long-term you will be doing your body a huge favour! Stop drinking acidic drinks like sodas and energy drinks which heavily acidify the body (it takes 32 glasses of water to neutralise 1 glass of Coke!)

Try Kangen Water™ through our FREE one month trial - You have nothing to lose but the toxins in your body and your acidosis, and everything to gain including your health!

Try Kangen Water™ for yourself FREE for 30 days!* - contact us

*This offer is limited to one person for a period of one month, and is restricted to a maximum of 10 litres per day