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Ioniser Demonstration

Get a Demonstration of a Kangen Water™ Machine

If you are serious about your health and improving it, you can take just an hour of your time to witness the effects and learn more about the benefits of owning a Kangen Water™ machine. In this time, the therapy centre manager and business owner, Mark Gillhoff will demonstrate for you the wide range of uses for the water produced by a Kangen Water™ machine.

Covered in our demonstration will be:

  • Food Preparation
  • Sanitation/hygiene/disinfection
  • Drinking alkaline water
  • Advice on other uses such as gardening or with pets & children

To give you a full demonstration, please bring with you:

  1. A potato or onion and a bunch of cherry/regular tomatoes from your local supermarket
  2. A bottle of your usual favorite bottled water
  3. A refreshing drink that you might ingest at the gym perhaps

Mark will demonstrate how to use the water ionising machine, how to use the water for various purposes and will show you some startling information about the water you currently drink.

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