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Facts About Bottled Water


Reasons to Get Off The Bottle!

The solution for many people to the atrocious tap water available in most places, would be buying bottled water but not all bottled water has been created equal; believing so just gives you a false sense of healthy living.  There are many companies that lead you to believe they have bottled clean filtered water, when in fact they have not. Most do not make false claims, just misleading. Other companies such as Dasani by Coca-Cola are one of the worst offenders. They even won the International Bad Products award back in 2007 from Consumers International. Their promotional material spews with phrases such as: “Filtered for purity using state of the art processes’ and ‘enhanced with a special blend of minerals for a pure, crisp, fresh taste” .  Consumers International said: “Sustainable access to essential services, such as water, is a basic consumer right. By bottling up this universal resource to sell back to us, corporations, such as Coca-Cola have created a US$100 billion industry at a time when one billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water. Making profits out of increasingly fragile water supplies is unsustainable, irresponsible and against the basic rights of consumers everywhere.” UK officials pulled the Dasani’s product off of the shelves and banned them from doing business there. The fact that they only bottle tap water and use misleading comments, the EU decided not to allow sales in Germany and France. Sales of Dasani are on the rise in the USA and it is being aggressively sold in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and several other Latin American countries.

It turns out that many bottled water is just municipal water, slightly filtered with added taste enhancers, which usually turn out to be trace amounts of dissolved salts; these make the water, yes you guessed it: Alkaline! This alkaline water is not ionized so cannot benefit the body in the same way, even though it might taste better than tap water.

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