Did you know that your colon
is the reflection of your health!

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We want you to be as informed as possible about Kangen Water™ so we welcome you to join us at a free seminar.

You can really get some in-depth information about Kangen Water machines and the wonderful benefits it offers by joining us for a free seminar that covers many topics and questions you might have about alkaline water. This free seminar is presented by Mark who will impart valuable information about alkaline water and its benefits to the human body. The motivation for Mark to present this seminar came from the uphill struggle faced by trying to treat people who were unwell simply through acidosis of the body. Affecting an estimate 50% of the population, acidosis is a silent destroyer, corroding your body from the inside. An army of free radicals causes oxidation of many of your nutrients to render them useless, removes oxygen from the system as it does so making you feel tired, and presents a threat to any tissue in the body as they consume the cells of the body or disaffect their function. Although we have acids in our stomach, the vast majority of our body needs to be alkaline to function properly from a biochemical perspective. Mark will explain why this acidosis is a chronic problem that can be overcome through the use of alkaline water and how you can really turn your health around by returning your body to its natural alkaline state.

Make the right choice for your body – learn how to reduce pain and feel more energy at our free seminar – you only have to commit a little of your time and what you will learn will astound you!

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