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Enagic Ionisers

Enagic make the only water ioniser in the world that is certified as a medical device. This is because they are used in Japanese hospitals to disinfect and treat patients. They are also the leading ionizer used for sanitation in food preparation areas.  Not all water ionisers are the same. The Enagic machine has large platinum plated anode/cathode plates. These are much more efficient at ionising than other metals such as copper. Although more expensive, the larger plates and their platinum surface can produce much more ionised water than other machines, allow for more variable pH and are built to be used daily with robust components and reliable quality.

If you already know which Kangen Water™ machine you want you can simply place your order here. The downloadable order form has to be completed and sent to Enagic who deal with everything and  will deliver usually in just 3 days. If you have other questions about Enagic ionisers you can either drop in our office in London's WC2, email us, or call Mark Gillhoff at 02076911999 and he will be delighted to help you with whatever you need to know.

You can check out the different ionizer models available from Enagic here

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