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Barack Obama's current Cardiologist, Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC,

and Cardiologist to Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush, the Queen of England and the Pope, states the following:

"We have understood the importance of alkalizing diets for decades, but we have been unsuccessful in getting our patients to eat a perfectly alkaline diet because we cannot eat enough alkaline foods to keep our body alkaline. To have something that changes the pH of the body from acid to alkaline based on something we are already doing that is drinking water, we can get people alkaline very easily.

Hundreds of thousands of our patients have seen remarkable results from drinking Kangen medical grade drinking water®. We are doing our part in bringing this technology to the medical community in the United States because Kangen water® is revolutionizing the health, fitness and wellness of our nation. This is going to be a great thing for everyone and will change the lives for millions of people." - Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC, and Cardiologist to Presidents.

Here is more on Dr Bresnahan:

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan is a world renowned cardiologist based out of Los Angeles. When his father died suddenly at the age of 54 from heart disease, Dr. Bresnahan dedicated his life to the prevention of the number one cause of death in the U.S. The field of cardiology was a natural fit for him as he excelled in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Los Angeles County - USC Medical Center as well as the Hospital of Good Samaritan which is noted as one of the top medical centers in the country. While at University of California, San Diego, he was involved in developing the heart enzyme blood test still used around the world today when doctors suspect a heart attack in their patients.

Dr. Bresnahan is arguably the best in his field and has served as the on-call cardiologist for Presidents of the United States, the Pope, the Queen of England, and many visiting dignitaries in the Los Angeles area. He currently resides in Playa Vista, California with his wife, Lyn and is practicing as a clinical cardiologist in Los Angeles. His other roles include overseeing quality control at one of Los Angeles' major heart centers as well as serving as chairman of the Cardio-Thoracic Committee which oversees all of cardiology and heart surgery at an additional health center.

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