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Response to Scientific Criticism

Many people read about water ionisers and are presented with a barrage of sales information – much of it barely credible and have thus drawn “snake oil” type criticism. The truth is that ionisers are not rocket science and have been used for over 40 years in mainstream medicine in Japan. Electrolysis is a known scientific process with a measurable and known outcome. What is in question is the validity of many of the claims made by those who sell ionising machines and unsurprisingly, some of these claims have to be ignored as they are either patently untrue or simply  unsupported factually and therefore unsuitable as evidence that ionised water is a useful product.

Lets deal with some important facts.

Ionisation of water is not a scientific breakthrough – it has been known for over 175 years

Ionisation as a technology is not new particularly, nor innovative in itself – electrolysis has been known about almost as long as electricity itself – Faraday was the guy who laid down the science and proved it through mathematics and experimental studies and it is still used today and known as “Faradays Laws of Electrolysis” from 1834. Wikipedia has plenty on it. It is over 50 years since the first application of ionisation to water for drinking and other uses.

Ionised Water is Not a New Idea - Over 50 years of Use in Japan!

In a study of glacial and spring waters in the 1950’s Japanese scientists found that the natural ionization of such water at the source was beneficial to health. These waters are not easy to come by so they looked at other means of producing the same effect in the lab. Using all manner of equipment, including strong magnetic fields, scientists built an ionizing machine. The Japanese had ongoing research through their “Functional Water Technology” program. The first units were immense compared to what we find available commercially now, but they still did the job of effective water ionization. This was the birth of water ionizing technology and has been continually developed since then. The machines they built in the 1950’s were used not only to provide electrolyzed water for drinking, it was used in stronger alkalinities for hospital sanitation and proved to be a very effective sanitizer with no requirement for dangerous chemicals.  The water was given to patients and eventually became a common sight in Japan within a decade or so.

Just another new fad?

Ionisers are now found in over 15% of Japanese households; 50 years of buying snake oil? We don’t think so. Japan is the most advanced nation in the world and their scientists were not wrong back in the 1950’s and they are not wrong now. Over a million units per year are being sold in the region alone, with Korea and Japan both listing ionisers as medical devices. There is even a new washing machine about to be released for household use that requires no washing powder – how does it work? Simple, it ionises the water.

Ionised Water is NOT simply neutralized when you drink it

This is true to an extent and as you will read elsewhere in our site, we do not actually recommend that lots of alkaline water is drunk while eating. We encourage our clients to drink neutral or not too alkaline a water when actually eating food. This allows the stomach to digest the food using the acids we all know the stomach produces. However, these acids are not always present in the stomach, otherwise you would have constant acid reflux and your teeth would not last 10 years either due to the constant acidity of the digestion. What actually happens is that on the thought, sight or smell of food, your body reacts and produces stomach acids ready for the meal it is about to (hopefully) receive. Looking at a glass of water does not invoke these thoughts or reactions so the stomach remains pretty neutral.  Drinking water in between meals (which is when we recommend our clients to drink their alkaline water) allows the stomach to neutralize and not only are acids not produced, but the act of absorbing perhaps a litre of water at a time means that although some will be neutralized, a great deal of it is available to the tissues absorbing from the stomach.  Also note that water does not need to be digested. There is no delay in getting it “ready” for absorption as is the case with nutrients in general. This is why we recommend that people drink what seems to be a lot of water every day. Getting the ionized water into your metabolism is crucial for it to work and drinking plenty between meals achieves this. We fully accept the claim that digestive juices will neutralize the water to an extent, but we are confident that there are simply not enough produced to neutralize the gallon per day that is typically recommended for ingestion. Once absorbed, the water can perform its magic in bonding with the free radicals so that they cannot rob ionic potential from the body causing harm, and allow them to be excreted easily.

Credible scientific research

Unfortunately the world of water is a hazy one. We all seek clarity in the water we drink but are sadly prevented from the same luxury when it comes to the water ionization, bottled water and the water purification industry. Not to mention the threat to the makers of every detergent, bactericide and sanitizing product around the globe. That amounts to a lot of business. Let us add to that the many wannabe Internet millionaires who have never even seen a Kangen machine, have little understanding of science and exist only to make a profit. These are the sites where you can find all kinds of unsupported claims such as hexagonal clustering (absolutely false), curing specific diseases (information may be true but unsubstantiated so should not be used) and the various claims about miraculous events. There is plenty of available research that shows that ionized water is beneficial to the body. The simple fact that Alpine peoples and others who drink from naturally ionized water sources such as natural springs, are undoubtedly enjoying better health. This is not because they are all outdoorsy people with healthy habits etc. Many are living in the same polluted world and eating terrible diets too – but their health is measurable better and the only difference to people who live just 10 miles away and drink municipal water is their water source. The water is naturally ionised – which is exactly the same as being ionized with a machine from a scientific viewpoint. An ionizing machine at very least is like having your own spring water on tap. It may not be as glamorous as the Alpine or Welsh mountain spring, but it has the same beneficial effect on health. We know because we tried it – and bought our own machine long before we sold them in order to treat our massage therapy patients. And it works so whether you believe the hearsay of its amazing benefits or not and we encourage you to not believe those that look ridiculous or unbelievable. Our sources are Wikipedia, MIT, Nancy University in France and other prestigious academic establishments. We do not publish crudely translated Korean university hospital literature. Even if they are correct, we prefer to use references that are not only credible in their own right, but are from sources that can be ratified and are accepted in the broad scientific community.

Incorrect reports that tap water cannot be ionised

Reports that suggest that tap water cannot be ionised need to simply try a machine for themselves. The chemistry is not outside anything that a school kid would understand. To ionise water there simply needs to be a trace amount of minerals in the water. It can be shown that there are indeed enough minerals by simply testing the conductivity of tap water. The fact that our water is largely delivered through metal pipes would mean that there would automatically be trace elements of for example the highly conductive copper in tap water. The easiest way is simply to pass a current through tap water and measure the resistivity of the water. Sea water is salted and highly conductive and tap water will be much less so, which is why Kangen Water machines have large electrolysing plates in them. The actual conductivity varies from place to place. Chlorine and fluoride is often found in municipal water supplies and these two chemicals alone make water much more conductive. This website has all the details if you are still in any doubt – they make laboratory measuring equipment and obviously know their stuff


If tap water was non-conductive, why would there be a restriction on the use of electricity in bathrooms?  The law demands that sockets be only 110V for a very good reason – drop a 240V electric appliance into your bathtub while you are in it and it is unlikely you will survive the electric shock. If tap water was not electrolytic enough, there would be little pH change in the water as it ionizes. Again those who claim this cannot be done with tap water needs a piece of litmus paper to find out they are wrong.  If it really doesn’t work with your tap water, either return the unit or add some trace minerals to it – it’s easy to add an inline mineralizer and good for you anyway! The chances of your tap water being distilled enough to prevent effective ionisation are actually pretty slim. Our therapy centre in London WC2 already has a unit and it functions perfectly as you can see if you come in for a demonstration and the chance to taste and try it for 30 days.

Water Losers

For those who are sceptical, you may well have been made so by poorly researched web sites and even subverted by competitive industry members. To disprove the worth of ionised water ensures the profits of:

Pharmaceutical companies who produce remedies. Making people healthy is not what pharmaceutical companies do for a living. Obviously their products also save millions of lives but for some of the most profitable lines, they mostly fix problems temporarily. A good example is the headache. Although a headache may be caused by many things, one of the most frequent causes is simple dehydration – many of us have experienced this as a hangover after drinking alcohol. Taking an aspirin or paracetamol might give some relief to this. Most people find that if you simply drink a lot of water, the headache goes away by itself. It is caused by a combination of acidic blood created by the by-products of alcohol as the body breaks it down, and dehydration caused as water is used up by the body in order to do this. The result is a lack of water available in the brain and a headache. The more you drink the worse it is. If you drink a pint of water before going to bed, you can pretty much not have a headache in the morning – trouble is most are not in a fit state to do so. Drinking as soon as you get up has a similar effect except the headache will endure for a little while as your body absorbs the new water. But the result is the same; drinking water and rehydrating yourself properly will fix a hangover headache in most cases. Drinking coffee is a terrible idea as this dehydrates you too – even though the caffeine might help the headache it is a short lived solution resulting in a hangover later in the day. With respect to the pharmaceutical companies, they like to sell you the remedy. The amount of hangovers every Monday morning in Britain must be enormous – the profits for the drug companies must be equally enormous. This is only one example of how water is actually more effective at curing something than the medicines we are used to. There are thousands of examples of how people have benefited from ionised water - 15% of Japan accepted as probably the most technologically advanced nation in the world uses ionised water. Thousands of people buy water ionising machines every year – how many are returned? Almost none!

Bottled water manufacturers – they obviously lose ALL their business to ionised water users so they will not be too happy about the technology.

Water purification equipment manufacturers – ionising machines are in direct conflict with their marketing efforts so they have an interest in making the water ionising industry look as bad as possible.

Chemical manufacturers – they are about to lose a whole lot of business when you buy an ioniser – in fact the simple economics of household cleaner costs alone could make a water ioniser a  great economic decision for purchasers. The fact that a detergent free washing machine that uses electrolysis (in a more crude form that a Kangen Machine) to produce highly efficient cleaning water for a washing machine. The technology is built into the new machines and guarantees no detergent is required. A Kangen Water machine offers the opportunity to replace a whole range of your household chemicals with strong alkaline water.  As the world gets to realise how good one of these machines is at helping with sanitation (which is why Korean and Japanese hospitals use them to sanitize infections and the actual equipment and building that patients are treated in.

Investing Millions Without Recourse to Facts – Unlikely!

Despite the interference of these very strong businesses and industries producing online information which casts ionising machines in a poor light, the ionised water business is thriving. Over a million machines were made last year alone. Major manufacturers now make water ionising machines and as mentioned, a washing machine that uses ionised water to clean with is imminent. Does this sound logical? That they would focus on producing a product purported to be based around a false scientific claim that ionised water is good for human health? These are companies like Hitachi and Samsung. They could not afford for a moment the scandal that these machines are some sort of con – the damage to their corporate image would ruin their reputation and profits. Imagine if it were discovered that their machines did not help health – all of their products would be shunned.

Drawbacks to scientific discovery

One of the biggest drawbacks to proper discovery in the field of ionised water and its effects on the body is the fact that ionisation is a process that produces changes in water at a very detailed level. At a molecular level. This is very hard to see (not because water is transparent though. It is very hard to see because the reactions that take place and the clusters formed are in a constant motion with clusters changing shape in a millionth of a second. Freeze framing the image does not help. A sequence of images from an electron microscope is the only way to see what is going on. Moreover, ions are invisible so their movement cannot be seen. Add to that the fact that during electrolysis, a current is present so electrons are moving at the speed of light through the electrolysing solution. We don’t have a camera that can capture that activity. The only people able to examine these interactions have equipment that is being used for more important research, and costs billions. So it’s a hazy scientific expedition that we must embark on in order to filter out the junk information (and plainly intentional dis-information) provided by the naysayers and replace it with proper scientific study. If you come across the wildly incorrect statements made by Dr Lower which appear on a number of websites, you are unfortunately being subject to propaganda. None of his statements warrant serious consideration. Examples include:

Dr Lower: "Body pH is a meaningless concept; different parts of the body (and even of individual cells) can have widely different pH values."

Well yes that is true but you still have to have an 80% - 20% balance of Alkaline to Acid in the body. A ten-year old can deduce that the alkaline and acid parts cannot be in the same place otherwise they would neutralize each other. Acidic cells are mostly in the gut and some in the nervous system for conductivity reasons. These cells are remote from other cells in the body – although the brain is full of water, it is insulated from the nerve cells by myelin – otherwise the signals sent along the nerve fibres would go haywire if the electric pulses they transmit get leached out.

Dr Lower: "There is nothing wrong with drinking slightly acidic waters such as rainwater"

Any acidic drink will increase the acidity of the body. This is not good for your health. Again the comment is true but is not qualified by the fact that in small doses this is a harmless activity; over time it is bad for your health. Your body uses whatever alkaline it can to try and balance your pH. This might include your bones!

Conclusion to the Available Scientific Evidence

As science progresses and our ability to extract more and more detail from the incredibly complex world of molecular biology improves, we are sure to find a way of measurably demonstrating why ionised water is so good for you. We mentioned protein folding and its relationship with ionised water and a free hydrogen pathway to follow; this may be a false lead so other than relating what we found out about it from reputable source, we make no claims (yet!). When more definitive evidence linking the two becomes available we will relate here at our site and stay within whatever the scientific community has documented in its official publications such as the British Medical Journal, Science Magazine etc.. On the other hand, we could be barking up the wrong tree; There may be no connection at all! But whichever way it turns out we will inform you so you can continue to know the right information.  Other science related to the ionisation process and the chemistry/physics involved  is irrefutable; Faradays Law of Electrolysis and the laws of molecular physics cannot be ignored. Einstein wrote some of them…

It may be that ionised water simply reduces free radicals, and that is all – if that is the case, and it seems so, that alone would warrant its daily use. There may be nothing more to it than drinking water that helps to clean your body from the inside on a constant basis. The additional many uses of a Kangen Water ioniser are almost incidental in comparison to the importance of maintaining good health – although sanitation, a useful function of water ionisers, is part of the process of attaining good health.

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