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Personal Care/Beauty Water

Mildly acidic Kangen Water™ is a healthy, hygienic beauty treatment



This can be used to improve skin and cleanse deeper into the surface and pores so your skin can look rejuvenated and will always feel fresh and clean.

A solution of acidic Kangen Water™ can be applied similarly to witch hazel or similar astringents but without the damaging effects via a cotton pad or tissue. Dabbing acidic Kangen Water™ on the skin gently dissolves the grime, grease and make up residue that build up during the course of the day. The acidic Kangen Water™ binds with the toxins that your skin naturally excretes through its pores and together with dissolving the toxins and allowing the pad to remove them.

The astringent effect of the acidic Kangen Water™ has a restorative effect on the skin cells by removing dead cells and making way for new ones to grow properly. The osmotic action of the Kangen Water™ pulls toxins out directly through the walls of the exposed cells offering them the ideal opportunity to grow normally and toxin free. The reason many wrinkles form is that the skin is covered in dead skin cells that do not get removed. Kangen Water™ is like having a face pack – but one you can apply easily and in moments and removes the dead cells to give you that fresh faced look. Wrinkles do not form so readily and existing small wrinkles can be diminished significantly. The acidity causes pores to close after a bath or shower so can be a good way to "seal" your face so that pores cannot get clogged up again quickly, having also been sterilized by the slightly acidic Kangen Water™

Drinking alkaline Kangen Water™ every day is recommended too – this will keep your body clean on the inside while you take care of the outside!

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