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Laundry & Cleaning with Ionised Water

When you own an Enagic water ioniser you can virtually eliminate many toxic cleaners. The natural acidity in Strong Acidic Water and Beauty Water will remove hard water deposits and bring sparkle to kitchen/bathroom fixtures. For tough deposits, just let them sit overnight in the acidic water. When cleaning glass, acidic water is a near miracle. Just use it as you would use any other glass cleaner. Strong Alkaline water is a potent cleaning agent that can replace many detergents. It is a tremendous grease-cutting agent.

Put one or two quarts of Strong Alkaline Water in the washing machine instead of detergent and you may be amazed at how clean and bright your laundry is. For those who are sensitive to detergents, this is the ultimate solution. Strong Alkaline Water is also excellent for removing dirt and grime from hardwood floors.

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