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Kangen Water is Great for Plants

Gardens Grow Better With Kangen Water™

Hydration is fundamental to plants and their well-being; they also do not appreciate the many chemicals that our environments offer them. Kangen Water™ is an ideal companion for the avid gardener, offering fantastic hydrating properties combined with efficient toxic chemical removal effects. Plants respond well to the correct pH and gardeners can get exactly that as the Enagic Kangen Water™ machine provides accurately processed water which has pre-chosen and accurate pH. The use of ionised water to hydrate your plants, whether indoor or outdoor, will make them grow much more vigorously and with better color and structure. Studies show that plants improve very quickly after a course of Kangen Water hydration. It can be seen very easily by simply watching your plants improve in overall health and appearance and develop more rapidly.

In demonstrative comparisons, plants watered with Kangen Water™ grew more vigorously and looked much healthier than those watered with regular tap water. In some places, the tap water is so bad for plants it actually harms them and makes them look visibly weaker. Most plants also prefer an alkaline environment which is why farmers lime fields before crop growing. It not only kills the bugs but makes the fields alkaline again enabling Nitrogen fixation and healthy nutrient uptake by the roots. Although it is always recommended that gardeners use pH measuring devices to ensure their soil is kept at optimum pH, the Kangen Water™ machine is able to deliver water at a wide variety of pH so accurate production of remedial water to correct pH problems is easy. Even simpler is thereafter producing the correct pH water so your soil will always be in balance. If you add nutrients that affect it in the future, just alter the pH of the water you give them and you can soon get the pH back to optimum again. Any gardener looking to raise perfect plants will find the Kangen Water™ machine a godsend!


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