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For Bodybuilders & Athletes

For Bodybuilders & Athletes

Ionised Water helped Wade T. Lightheart achieve a phenomenal body.



According to Wade T. Lightheart a professional Canadian bodybuilder with several championships under his belt, Kangen Water™ provided the basis for his rapid return after 3 years of retirement. He was so impressed he even wrote a book about it titled: "What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Restructured Ionized Water." This is just one of many personal success stories that Kangen Water™ has been able to support. The extremely effective rehydration and anti-oxidant effects make it ideal for athletes and bodybuilders.

There are three big reasons for this;

> Ionised water allows the much more effective removal of free radicals from the body. Getting rid of toxins quickly allows the body to concentrate its energy and nutritional resources on building new tissue and repairing damaged, worn or old tissue.

> The removal of oxidising compounds (free radicals) removes the loss of oxygen in the blood caused by these oxygen hungry toxins. This reduces oxidation in the blood and tissues, a process which uses up available oxygen. The result is a much more efficient muscular action and a better endurance and lower respiratory effort required to match the same level of effort as more oxygen is available for muscle exertion.

> The third reason is the fact that Kangen Water™ is an extremely efficient hydration option - another essential element for those striving for the ultimate fitness. Being properly hydrated is key so that body temperature and all other critical physiological functions such as energy production can be optimised. This alone enhances body building activity!

Your efforts in exercising will be extra-repaid by a fitter, more muscular body as a result of adding Kangen Water™ to your diet.



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