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Cooking, Cleaning & Food Prep

Cleaning and Cooking food with Kangen Water™

Cleaning food with Kangen WaterOne of the great benefits of having a Kangen Water™ machine available in your kitchen is the fantastic way it can contribute to a great diet, free of pesticides and other coatings that contaminate your food. You can see the difference straight away when you wash in a bowl of water and then try the same produce in a bowl of Kangen Water™ you will see the difference in the color of the water you discard. The color seen in the alkaline water is caused by oxidised substances and will include pesticides etc. that have been sprayed on the produce during agriculture and processing. The fruit and vegetables you eat is often hand picked and handled so it pays to have a way of removing microbes left behind from this process - even the detergents used to clean the produce by the grower/distributor can be removed by using alkaline ionised water instead of regular (and usually polluted) tap water which as we specified elsewhere, is likely to actually add more chemicals to your produce than are removed!

A 5-10 minute soak in strong Kangen Water™ (10+) will leave the water looking quite opaque as the chemicals in the food are withdrawn from the surface of the food. Cooking vegetables in a lower pH Kangen Water™ will not only reduce the cooking time by 25%+ as the water boils at a slightly lower temperature and conducts heat well to heat food quicker. Steamed vegetables are noticeably tastier too.

In Japan they have long since known the effect of using ionized water and in its crudest form, in days gone by, a salt solution would be the way to achieve a similar result. Unfortunately, salt has a very strong taste which is inevitably left in the food. Kangen Water™ has a nice taste to it – it could not be further from salt water if you tried! The great thing is that this means it can be used as a deodorizer for food. Bitter tasting vegetables and gamey flavours in meats can all be removed by using Kangen Water™. Using a higher pH, even pesticides and other agri-chemicals will be drawn out by soaking the food in your Kangen Water™. Many fruits and vegetables that are prepared in this way will retain a much more vibrant colour too which makes them more appealing to look at and for choosy kids – makes them more likely to eat!

Kangen Water™ can be used to make all kinds of beverages, with coffee and tea in particular tasting less bitter. This can help reduce the amount of sugar needed to sweeten your drinks so can be a diet bonus for some people!

Cleaning food before preparation has amazing results as can be seen in the video.

Before you even start to cook food you can use alkaline water to clean all the utensils, machinery and equipment used to cook it. This means no checmicals or disinfectants/detergents in your kitchen! Think of how many chemicals your family can avoid in doing so as alkaline water contains no such chemicals. At the other end of the pH scale, strong acidic water of pH 3.0 or less can be used in as a spray to kill of microbes on preparation surfaces and on food itself too. Spraying your vegetables or fruits will reduce the harmful organisms that can propagate in your gut.

Kangen Water™ can be used anywhere that food is prepared and as a hygiene product!

Strong Kangen Water™ with a pH 11 is useful to perform disinfection and cleaning of kitchen equipment, utensils, disinfection of chopping boards and to clean any area or object that needs to be bacteria free.

  • Tough cleaning power
  • Dissolves oxidation
  • Leaves surfaces clean and bright
  • Softens grime and residues quickly
  • Strong dissolving performance
  • High thermal conduction
  • Reduced boiling time saves energy on heating

Use Kangen Water™ in the Kitchen to:

  • Deodorize floors and clean them to a shiny finish
  • Sterilize vegetables or meat before cooking
  • Improve the flavour of cooked vegetables (using lower pH 8.5-9.5 Kangen Water™)
  • Remove the harsher taste of wild vegetables

Other applications for Kangen Water™ include

  • Remove stains from toilets and clean/disinfect bathrooms
  • Wash clothes without using harsh detergents
  • Safely clean children’s items, furniture and toys
  • Food preparation and cooking with Kangen Water™

Kangen Water™ is an environmentally friendly product

Strong Kangen Water is a powerful but environmentally friendly detergent which does not cause damage, leaves no toxic residues and removes odour without the use of added fragrances.

The fast ionic bonding that Kangen Water™ promotes when it comes into contact with acidic substances (those with free radicals) means that dissolving substances into solution is a very efficient process when using ionized water. This process means that when ionized Kangen Water™ comes into contact with the type of molecule that causes odours, the water is able to cling on to those molecules and bind them into solution. The effect is that you can remove smells and bad tastes using this water as a rinsing solution. The end result is residue free and environmentally friendly as a result; with bacteria neutralised, the resulting organic compounds are easily safely disposed of without affecting your drains and probably improving them!


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