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Alkaline Drinking Water (pH 8.0 - 9.5)

Choose The Right pH for Your Kangen Water

Kangen water can be produced by an Enagic machine at seven different pH levels which have different uses:

  • Strong Acidic Water - pH 2.5 (not for drinking)
  • Beauty Water - pH 4.5 to 5.5 (not for drinking)
  • Clean Water - water that has been filtered but has not gone through the electrolysis process. Generally, this will have a more neutral pH.
  • Drinking water - pH 8.5
  • Drinking water - pH 9.0
  • Drinking water - pH 9.5
  • Strong Alkaline Water - pH 11 and up (not for drinking)

To start a new regime of healthy water intake, it is recommended that at a pH of 8.5, a two week process where you drink 50ml of water per kilogram of weight per day. Your body will cleanse itself and produce a combination of symptoms such as light headaches, skin eruptions, bowel disturbance, fatigue, and coughing. If this does not happen you can increase the pH to 9.0 and try again for a few days. If symptoms do not begin still, an increase up to pH 9.5 may be required but this is the limit of safe pH increase. Once the pH level is found that produces these cleansing symptoms, a period of 2 weeks of intake is sufficient to produce a significant improvement in toxin reduction.

Disease and poor health can be improved through the intake of Kangen water as an excess of free radicals is often a major factor in the manifestation of diseases. The aging process is also a culprit in producing more toxic free radicals than the body can deal with. Pain inflammation and all manner of ill feeling can be remedied through the regular intake of Kangen Water – for those battling aging, feeling rejuvenated is one of the great benefits you will enjoy!

Ionized water has numerous properties including:

  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
  • Great Dissolving Power
  • Increases Osmotic Potential
  • Low Thermal Conduction – High Energy Retention
  • Boils More Quickly
  • Improves Flavours in Food

Kangen Water in Coffee or Tea.

These two ancient beverages are improved greatly when Kangen ionized water is used for their preparation. A more complex and rewarding flavour is the result with an improved aroma and a uniquely rich taste. ionic water used to make tea is a refreshing difference. Although we do not recommend the drinking of excess coffee dues to acidity and the intake of too much caffeine (which is dehydrating), using ionic water can help achieve a balance and reduce the urge for over-indulgence in coffee too. A cup of coffee or tea is still known to have other benefits so we want you to know you can use your ionic water to make the best cuppas ever!

Kangen Water Taken with Acidic Foods

Neutralizing the acidity of the food you eat can go a long way in helping your digestion work properly and your body reducing its acidity levels and thus its ability to remove waste toxins. Drinking Kangen water with your meal can greatly improve your digestion and the enjoyment of your food.

Improve the Taste of Soups and Stews

The alkaline nature of Kangen water encourages the transfer of fluids across cell boundaries. For cuisine, this means that when Kangen water is used to prepare such as stew or soup, the full flavour is able to come out into the food reducing the need for extra seasoning and salt – ideal for those with high blood pressure!

How Much Water Should I Drink – And When?

To hydrate the body properly, it is recommended that we drink 30 ml of water for every kilogram of body weight. This means if you weigh 70 Kg, you should drink 2100 ml (roughly 2 litres) of water per day. For those with a strenuous lifestyle or job, this should be increased to double this amount. So for an average person, this would mean 4 litres per day, which sounds like a lot, but the best results for those who are in a healing process are achieved at this level of rehydration and toxic waste removal.

The optimum time to hydrate yourself with Kangen water is after you have been asleep at night, right after you wake up. The body needs water after sleep anyway and your stomach still is fairly empty too allowing rehydration to be maximised. In addition, the organs that deal with your body’s waste products need to be refreshed as your metabolism wakes up for the days work. Drinking before you eat in the morning will help th e body to actually absorb the water rather than it being bound up in digestive processes. Although that is a benefit, having your body absorb Kangen water by itself gives your internal physiology a boost. The alkalinity encourages digestive processes and buffering too which prepare your body for eating breakfast and in digesting it effectively.

Drining Kangen water with your meal is counterproductive. It neutralizes the stomach acids to some extent, slowing down the natural processs of digestion in th stomach. Once food moves on through the gut however, an alkaline environment is present in the intestines and drinking water 30 minutes after a meal is productive again.

One of the effects if drinking Kangen water is the fact that it allows the body to grab a hold of and remove offending toxins called “free radicals”. These molecules are waiting to be excreted by the body as a by-product of digestion or metabolism in bodily tissues. The resulting waste contains these free radicals – molecules which are hard to get a hold of, unless you have ionization present. Kangen water is ionized and when this comes into contact with free radicals, the excess electrons freely available in ionized water can combine with the oxidizing free radicals and bind them into a form that can easily be excreted by the regular mechanisms n the body which remove them. The body does have its own mechanism for this toxic removal but was never designed to take on the complex chemical composition of a lot of the foods and drinks we ingest – never mind the inhaled toxins that present the same challenge in removing them from bodily tissues. An example might be that of soft drinks and sodas which create such an acidic imbalance it takes huge amounts of even ionized water to neutralize their poisoning effects. Alcohol poses a similar problem with Kangen water providing a surprisingly good hangover remedy.

For most people, simply reducing their intake of soft drinks, alcohol and processed foods will make a difference. Adding Kangen water to your diet will make a huge difference. Getting rid of all those toxins is massively rejuvenating and can help you heal from whatever illness is affecting your metabolism and physiology.

Nature is an Ionizer too!

To put the effects of ionization in context with nature, it is not a surprise that people like to relax by rivers and especially weaterfalls. These places have abundant ionized water due to natural minerals and the flowing motion across the earth. Even the atmosphere around this type of natural water feels good and ionization is undoubtedly a major factor. Owning an Enagic ionizer is the next best thing to drinlking water directly from such a natural ionizing water source such as a waterfall. Flushing the toxins for your body is reason enough – feeling good has never been so easy!

Increase your vitality, cleanse your body, live a more healthy life by using an Kangen water ionizer from Enagic – there is no magic, just basic science and good nutritional sense!

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