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Benefits of Ionized Water

Ionized water can offer a wide range of benefits to the body and help to cleanse you of toxins.  This alone would be reason enough to drink it regularly but there are many more reasons to do just that.  Although there are some outrageous claims been made about ionized/alkaline water which science has not yet shown to be factual, there are many, many accounts of how ionized water has helped those with a variety of ailments. It seems to simply help the body deal with disease better, restores health and maintains a physiology that optimizes the body’s own processes, nearly all of which depend on water, so the quality of that water is paramount for good health to be prevalent.

Drinking alkaline water is a great addition to your arsenal of healthy living and it seems to be easier for people to drink alkalized water than eat alkalized food. It is a huge shift in thinking as well as a lifestyle change to give up eating certain foods when your body is accustomed to it. One of the major problems is that food that is bad for you is made to taste good; food manufacturers make it that way so you enjoy it more and will in turn eat more of it as well. This makes sense on a business level and you can’t blame them for it. After all it is still up to you to choose what to eat. Once you do make a change in your eating behaviour your body will embrace it but (although highly recommended if you have a poor diet) it is not essential to alter your diet too – ionized water will help you regardless. In combination with making better eating choices, consuming ionized water can have a revolutionary effect on your body.

Get More Energy

We could all do with an extra boost to help us through the day and many reach for caffeine or solutions, all of which are short-lived and produce a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows, with difficulty sleeping typically a side-effect. Drinking a cleansing ionized water every day will add vitality and energy to you that cannot be found using other means. This extra energy obviates the need to abuse your brain and liver with "5-hour energy" and similar products. The reasons are multiple; if you remove toxins from your body as alkaline ionized water does, will leave you feeling so much more refreshed and less fatigued. Your body can expend a lot of energy and resources dealing with waste products and absorbing nutrients, ionized water gives your body the help it needs to process these chemicals and consequently leaves you feeling refreshed, active and ready for the day when you get up and sleep peacefully when you need to rest.

No Change Required

Changing to a new drinking water is easier and does not require any behaviour modification or extra effort. Water is the essence of life. You drink it (or should drink it) every day, because our bodies are comprised of mainly water, at least 85% of our body is water. Even if you mainly drink other things such as coffee, tea, alcohol or soda which are very acidic; your body still requires water to be healthy. Many of the drinks we ingest take more water to excrete than they contain – alcohol and coffee would be prime examples. Ionized water helps to process these more efficiently and remove the toxins that result.

Avoid Water Pollutants

In today’s high tech, fast-paced society you would think that you would be able to get clean, healthy drinking water; but you would be wrong. Water from our tap is much polluted! Not to the point that you will die immediately if you drink it but it does contain some very unpleasant and harmful chemicals. Even though some of these pollutants are only available in trace amounts, these can still be very harmful to the body, particularly if they are able to accumulate in the organs. Generally, unless your water comes from a well or reservoir that has been tested as pure, then it is likely that you are drinking tainted water. Even though the water usually goes through a treatment plant before being sent back into our supply, trace amounts will still be present. Most people living in London will have realized how poor the water quality is in the area – a water ionizer will transform your water into a much more palatable and healthy drink. Almost every resident drinks from the tap; however, upon testing, tap water will still show trace amount of contamination, with heavy metals, toxins, poisons and even medications found in the supply. The long-term effects of this on our health have not been effectively studied at all.

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