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Many reasons to Use Alkaline Ionized Water

Humans are made up of some very complex structures all of which rely on water as their basis. The body is only 25% solid plus a whopping 75% remaining made up of water. It is no wonder water is labeled as the basis of life. It forms the construction material too! Our brains are even more watery – about 85% is water. Every tissue in the body relies on water to function properly. Our internal hydration levels have an implicit effect on the effectiveness of the body’s metabolism and moreover, the presence of ions in the water to allow the removal of free radicals (toxins) more easily is crucial. The hydration of the brain and CNS is also vital to the correct functioning of the body. A headache is just the first sign of brain dehydration as the brain shrinks without adequate water.

Other parts of the body react badly to dehydration and our propensity for curing thirst with coffee, tea, sodas and even beer are greatly misplaced remedies to a very basic imbalance that can be redressed simply by drinking water and remaining hydrated at all times.

Dehydration can be directly blamed for either being the origin or causing more intense symptoms of numerous common ailments including

1) Arthritic Joint Pain - Although not related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteo-arthritic pain caused by dehydration is common and manifests as joint pain. The amount of toxins in joint tissue that cannot be successfully excreted appears to be the main cause. Kangen Water™ is especially suited to help as it eliminates toxins more effectively than when you rehydrate with regular water.

2) Heartburn - Drinking alkaline water between meals is the ideal way to prevent heartburn and start to redress the acidosis that usually goes hand-in-hand with heartburn symptoms

3) Back Pain - The CNS (Central Nervous System) is largely composed of water. Having a limited amount of water available to the CNS causes shrinkage in both the cranial space and the spinal column. These 2 places share fluid so are usually affected together. Dehydration of this volume of fluid is painful and when severe, very dangerous.

4) Migraines – These debilitating pains and other chronic headaches can easily be caused by dehydration as explained in item 3. Rehydrating can quickly restore the normal water levels the CNS requires.

5) Colitis Inflammation and poor bowel metabolism results in a painful abdomen, Kangen Water™ can help to restore balance to the digestive system and maintain a much healthier bowel.

6) Angina – This acute pain in the chest is often a precursor to a heart attack. Alkaline water helps to reduce muscle spasm

All of the above are the subject of many drugs and remedies which attempt to deal with all manner of biochemical modification in order to reduce the pain and suffering of the patient. It is not a secret that rehydrating can make you feel much better immediately afterwards. In cases of more severe or acute rehydration this transformation can be more evident than ever. What many of do not realize is that we are often dehydrated for long periods of time; a situation which leads to the development of chronic aches and pains which we choose to blame on disease itself rather than the causes or exacerbating factors.

Persistent water shortages in the body are rewarded generally with over-toxification of tissues and poor physiology as a result. Recent studies have shown that water is an essential lubricant that allows our DNA to replicate properly. A lack of available water means poor performance in this life-generating process. This is one of the reasons that proper hydration results in a more vibrant and youthful look – skin alone will look much better if the cells in it are allowed to replenish by dividing efficiently. It is again easy to see for yourself that severely dehydrated people typically have terrible leathery and unhealthy skin.

Pain is manifested in all these totally different conditions because the common factor between them is that they all have nerve endings in the region of disease. The extra toxins in the body that cannot be removed during dehydrated periods cause an acidic effect. Anyone who has put a lemon on the tip of the tongue can understand why this acidity might cause nerve endings to go crazy and transmit a pain signal. The acid of a lemon excite the nerve endings on the edge of the tongue enough to border on painful. Our nerve endings in joints, muscles and other body tissue do not unfortunately respond with a taste sensation. They respond as a pain signal instead.

All this adds up to a clear indication that rehydrating the body is very important – crucial in fact – if you want to have the best performing metabolism and physiology, you must rehydrate well and frequently and regularly. Kangen Water™ is a perfect solution for those suffering chronic dehydration which is causing body pain. From arthritic joint pain to angina caused by cholesterol plaques, rehydration is key to restoring health. Although it may not cure the underlying disease, you can enjoy overwhelming improvements in health and the feeling of well-being by rehydrating yourself properly.


Kangen Water™ is not only a great way to stay hydrated, it is also seen as a restorative water. It has electrolytic properties which can really boost the uptake rate so rehydration is very efficient. The ionization results in rapid binding with free radicals (toxins) in our blood and body serum. Ionized / ionic water has some really beneficial properties and effects:

Increased Energy

An increase in energy is a direct result of rehydrating with Kangen Water™. Anyone who has used electrolytes in regular water will know that the rehydrating effects revitalize the body and allow for a much improved carriage of oxygen around the system as less is required for the oxidization of waste products – the ionised water takes up the strain and allows all the available oxygen to be used for energy production in muscle tissue.


We are constantly exposed to modern society’s chemicals, pollutants and toxins. These substances can exist in minute quantities in our body but still have a negative effect on our health. What is worse is that the body cannot remove many of these toxins – it simply doesn’t know how! Kangen Water™ has free ions which make combination with the free radicals in the body and allow for easy excretion through the body’s usual lymphatic and excretory processes. The production of enzymes that are essential to good body function is also related to hydration. Without proper hydration, enzymes cannot be produced properly to deal with both digestive needs and the removal of toxins from the system. Drinking Kangen Water™ increases the efficiency of all these toxic removal processes and allows the body to rehydrate efficiently so that toxins are removed quickly and bound up properly so they can be excreted without causing collateral damage to the kidneys.

If engaging on a specific detoxification process, a slightly more alkaline water is required to engage as much of these toxins as possible.  [link] Cleansing at first can seem like you are making things worse as it often induces symptoms such as tiredness and headaches, skin pores discharging waste, coughing as your lungs clear and loose bowels. This can be like experiencing a cold or a bout of flu. This period is a little uncomfortable but aftera dya or two you will start to feel incredible in comparison to how you were. Maintaining a good intake of Kangen Water™ is crucial to success. [link]

Anti-Oxidant and Hydration Effects

With extremely powerful anti-oxidant capabilities, ionic water/ Kangen Water™ prevents oxidization which is a process closely linked to the removal of toxic free radicals in the body. Antioxidants are pivotal in protecting the body from the damage caused by oxidizing substances that occur in our metabolism. The high ORP and pH is so efficient it will even stop nails from oxidising (rusting); in normal tap water this takes only hours to begin, in a typical Cola drink it begins even sooner and more vigorously. Kangen Water™ stops this damaging oxidisation which creates free radicals ad allows them to poison your body. After only a few days you will notice the difference and the lack of oxidation the body will manifest in a feeling of more energy and rejuvenation.

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