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Acidic Foods and Drinks

Alkaline water is an important step to balancing the acid in our bodies. Eating a good portion of alkaline food is also important. Most health professionals recommend a balance of 80% alkaline, 20% acidic food.

Common Acidifying Foods

Fats and Oils - Avocado Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Hemp Seen Oil, Flax Oil, Lard, Olive Oil, Saflower Oil, Seasme Oil, Sunflower Oil
Fruits - Cranberries
Grains - Rice Cakes, Wheat Cakes, Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Oats, Quinoa, Rice, Rye, Spelt, Kamut, Wheat, Hemp Seed, Flour
Nuts and Butters - Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Peanuts, Pecans, Tahini, Walnuts
Animal Protein - Beef, Carp, Clams, Fish, Lamb, Lobster, Mussels, Oyster, Pork, Rabbit, Salmon, Shrimp, Scallops, Tuna, Turkey, Venison
Pasta - Noodles, Macaroni, Spaghetti
Drugs and Chemicals - Recreational Drugs, Medicinal Drugs, Psychedelics, Pesticides, Herbicides
Beans and Legumes - Black Beans, Chick Peas, Green Peas, Kidney Beans, Lentils, Lima Beans, Pinto Beans, Red Beans, Soy Beans, Soy Milk, White Beans, Rice Milk, Almond Milk
Alcohol - Beer, Spirits, Hard Liquor, Wine - any type of alcohol really!
Waters - Rain Water, Certain Backwash Filtered Water, Distilled Water, Reverse Osmosis Water
Dairy - Cheese, Cow Cheese, Goat Cheese, Processed Cheese, Sheep Milk, Butter
Other - Distilled Vinegar, Wheat Germ, Potatoes

Acidic Drinks Cause Many Health Problems

We subject our bodies to a destructive array of food and drinks which are often highly acidic. Soft drinks, sodas, juices and many energy drinks are high in sugar and substances like caffeine. Tea and coffee contain high levels of tannic acid and are also a poor choice of hydration, with green and white tea being the exception. To give you an example of just how hard the body has to work with these drinks, the sugar alone in a single can of cola drink varies but it is a significant source of excess sugar; for example, 1 Litre of Mountain Dew contains 124 grams (5 ounces) of sugar, with Coca cola coming a close second at 108 grams. To balance the intake of a litre of these types of drink you would need to consume 5 or more litres of regular water. Drinking Kangen Water™ is a great way to not only balance the body’s pH, it is also has so many other health benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed, with more energy, rejuvenated and free from many common daily aches and pains related to body acidosis. To really do your body a favour, cut out excessive coffee, tea and soft drinks and start drinking only Kangen Water™. It tastes great and will provide your body with the essential hydration and pH balancing that we all need. On average half of the population has problems with poorly controlled body pH - Kangen Water™ would resolve those problems for so many people and also help reduce candida issues which also affect a lot of people.

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Comparison of different sports energy drinks their pH and ORP


To help you understand more fully how we drink what seem to be innocuous and often misleadingly labeled beverages that appear at first glance to be healthy. The real story is that most of these drinks are not good for our body - regardless of the claims made. As a good example, Dasani water is now banned in Europe because it contains nothing but municipal water which has been filtered and added to with very basic mineral salts. The water itself is not of good quality, despite the perceived quality inferred by brand strength etc. The pH of Dasani alone should make it a drink to be avoided due to the acidosis it incurs. Check out the list below and see how you are probably making a poor purchasing choice, based on flimsy information about the product. As usual, relying on a brand name does not always prove to be the best approach.

Drinking Kangen Water™ means you know exactly what you are ingesting and can adjust the machine to provide different levels of ionization/alkalinity to help you combat body acidosis.

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