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About Superior H2O

Mark Gillhoff has owned a successful therapy business for 6 years in London called which has been very successful providing natural therapies for his clients. Although originally an educated economist - and as much as he loves that field - Mark has found his true passion and it is in the service of people. With his profession now as a therapist it has allowed him to help give people the proper knowledge to take responsibility for their own health. Water ionization worked well for Mark so he was inspired to help others decide whether it could help them too.

In Mark’s own words “This will never be a high pressure sales pitch; I will always work with you not against you. It could not be simpler; I want to provide you with a health improvement by doing something you do regularly anyway, drinking water –  if you drink ionized water it can make you and keep you healthy.”

You can contact Mark today to receive your supply of free water or to arrange a live demonstration of the amazing water ionizer, he will always take time out of his very busy day to speak with people and educate them about living a healthier lifestyle. To find out more about water ionizers and the health benefits it offers, check out the information here on our site, email or simply call Mark and have a quick chat!

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